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Getting the Most from the Hitachi Content Platform with Hyper Connect

Posted by Chris Theon and Chris Delezenski on Aug 8, 2016 3:03:01 PM


To fully realize the extensibility of object storage, third-party applications and APIs need an interface that supports direct interaction with the content repository. Hitachi addresses that challenge with Hyper Connect, a data management tool that provides data distribution as a software service for the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP).

HCP is an object storage solution that allows organizations to store, share, sync, protect, retrieve and analyze unstructured data within a single system. Hyper Connect gives added capabilities to HCP users, including:

  • Simple data correlation
  • Data transformation into objects
  • Unified search
  • Controlled access
  • Custom data distribution and flow
  • Centralized management

It augments HCP’s search functionality and object creation with richer metadata capabilities, and extends HCP’s management and discovery functions by simplifying complex searches across multiple systems. Hyper Connect also supports controlled access to HCP, serving as a smart, secure connector between the platform and outside applications. It lets administrators manage and operate multiple aspects of a system from a single pane of glass, and it’s open source – with a modular, pluggable architecture that delivers a customizable interface.

With these mechanisms, Hyper Connect supports the functions of data ingest, data digest and data broker, along with a centralized management of the HCP environment via a Master Control Node (MCN).

Data Ingest

Hyper Connect supports efficient data ingest, which converts data elements into objects to be stored. It ensures that metadata is created in real time as content is absorbed into the HCP repository. It also preserves content references embedded in data sets as they’re ingested.

Data Digest

Hyper Connect brings more diversity to search in HCP, unifying multiple search mechanisms to find tagged objects. It combines data rationalization, content post-processing, and data virtualization so developers can insert their own search interfaces to support multiple search engines. And, it allows users to identify relationships between data elements by generating queries and results that aid pre-processing and analytics.

Data Broker

Hyper Connect adds a data broker layer to HCP for greater ease-of-use and security. With proxy-like capabilities, it virtualizes access to content, allowing third-party applications beyond an enterprise firewall to easily view HCP objects without exposing HCP to public or insecure networks.

Additional Management Capabilities

With Hyper Connect’s administrative enhancements, users gain more flexibility and control in the HCP environment. Its administrative interface allows users to monitor logs and configuration files, system statuses, and general system health. It helps administrators more easily load, apply and verify patches for the environment, and also lets them manage user roles. And with Hyper Connect’s MCN, the system serves as a standalone monitor for multiple instances of Hyper Connect in a larger environment. Administrators can view the operational status for each instance of Hyper Connect in their system, along with their event logs and other key information. This greatly improves HCP’s scalability.

A Range of Applications

For HCP users, Hyper Connect is an efficient, cost-effective solution for making the best use of object data. Organizations use Hyper Connect to address a number of needs, including (but not limited to):

  • Adding custom metadata during or after ingestion into HCP
  • Secure publication of data outside the enterprise
  • Concatenation or parsing of objects into larger or smaller sets
  • Distributed search capabilities for data in disparate locations
  • Integrated access to metadata across the Hitachi product set
  • Centralized monitoring of distributed environments
  • More control over access rights

Download the white paper Hyper Connect: Enabling Programmatic Data Management to learn more about Hyper Connect’s scope of capabilities. 


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