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Brian Houston brings more than 15 years of technical sales experience and leads the engineering team responsible for helping customers transform their federal infrastructures with cutting edge technologies. Houston and his team support pre-sales, post sales and solution services at HDS Federal. Prior to HDS Federal, Houston served as data center manager for Wellpoint Blue Cross Blue Shield, worked at Hitachi Data Systems as a senior customer engineer and was an electronic warfare specialist in the United States Navy.

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Creating a Smart Data Center

By Brian Houston on Mar 16, 2017 4:05:33 PM



Until recently, much the talk around cutting data center costs focused on closing facilities and eliminating redundancies. But that’s only part of the solution. To be most effective, you need to focus on optimizing your data centers, using virtualization to add smart capabilities to the assets you keep.

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Topics: Big Data, Cloud, Data Storage, software-defined infrastructure, content mobility, Data Mobility, Virtualization, hybrid cloud, saas, infrastructure, data center, infrastructure convergence

Understand Your Technology Ecosystem With Data Analytics Intelligence

By Brian Houston on Jul 18, 2016 3:38:46 PM


IT managers can no longer approach their work with a single-purpose perspective. Today’s IT environment is increasingly networked and integrated – no one piece operates in isolation. To make the smartest decisions, manage risks and optimize performance, IT managers must work with the greater ecosystem in mind.


Meaningful data exists at every point in an IT ecosystem, but its full value is lost without the ability to synthesize and share it. IT managers need to understand what’s happening across the entire enterprise to accurately identify patterns, find inconsistencies, and make informed predictions. A high-performance IT environment relies on complete situational awareness.

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Topics: Data Analytics, Technology Ecosystem, Business Analytics, Interoperability

Taking Advantage of Cloud Agility to Empower Change Agents in Government

By Brian Houston on Jun 14, 2016 2:59:02 PM

As-a-service (aaS) IT is a powerful force in helping government agencies optimize how they use data. Better use of data gives problem-solvers the resources they need to identify opportunities for improving how the agency operates and delivers services.

How can agencies use aaS IT to support these change agents in leading transformation?

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Topics: Federal IT, Cloud, Cloud Agility, aaS, Legacy Systems, Digital Transformation

Key Tips to Secure Content Mobility Of Your Agency's Data

By Brian Houston on Dec 1, 2015 3:12:09 PM

Content storage and sharing is at the heart of most organizations’ operational productivity. Work files and mission-critical data sharing need to occur flawlessly, be accessible on any device and, most importantly be secure enough not to fall into the wrong hands. Even in a small office environment, flawless and secure data sharing can become a challenge when users adopt their own disparate tools like Dropbox, emailing files and Google Drive, to send files to themselves or to each other.

When you’re at a federal agency with multiple field offices and other on-site locations, and controlling access to information is imperative to your mission’s success, public cloud platforms just don’t cut it. 

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Topics: cyber security, content mobility

Streamlining Operations with Software Defined Infrastructure

By Brian Houston on Sep 9, 2015 6:44:12 PM

When I meet with IT executives at federal agencies, invariably they tell me that the number one issue they face is the constant pressure to manage various independent resources as well as drive to the internal customers’ missions. Adding to this challenge is the issue of complexity—properly managing a mix of legacy and new systems and the data travelling between them. Any mistakes in balancing the two can directly affect business operations and, of course, their budgets. These are issues we at Hitachi Data System Federal face in our own day-to-day business, as well.

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Topics: Big Data, Federal IT, software-defined infrastructure, SDI

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