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Creating a Smart Data Center

By Brian Houston on Mar 16, 2017 4:05:33 PM



Until recently, much the talk around cutting data center costs focused on closing facilities and eliminating redundancies. But that’s only part of the solution. To be most effective, you need to focus on optimizing your data centers, using virtualization to add smart capabilities to the assets you keep.

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What Does Digital Transformation Mean for Federal CIOs?

By Matt Brooks on Nov 28, 2016 10:44:12 AM

In his blog series on 2016 IT trends, Hitachi Data Systems CTO Hu Yoshida wrote about the disruption third-platform capabilities are bringing to today’s IT environment. Cloud, data analytics, social and mobile are driving growth and major change – especially as IT organizations use them to replace or augment legacy models to create better value, efficiencies and competitive advantage. IDC calls this movement the Digital Transformation.

Hu highlights three areas where Digital Transformation impacts CIO decision making in the commercial market. Here, we’ll explore how they’re consequential for federal IT as well.

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Getting the Most from the Hitachi Content Platform with Hyper Connect

By Chris Theon and Chris Delezenski on Aug 8, 2016 3:03:01 PM

To fully realize the extensibility of object storage, third-party applications and APIs need an interface that supports direct interaction with the content repository. Hitachi addresses that challenge with Hyper Connect, a data management tool that provides data distribution as a software service for the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP).

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Understand Your Technology Ecosystem With Data Analytics Intelligence

By Brian Houston on Jul 18, 2016 3:38:46 PM


IT managers can no longer approach their work with a single-purpose perspective. Today’s IT environment is increasingly networked and integrated – no one piece operates in isolation. To make the smartest decisions, manage risks and optimize performance, IT managers must work with the greater ecosystem in mind.


Meaningful data exists at every point in an IT ecosystem, but its full value is lost without the ability to synthesize and share it. IT managers need to understand what’s happening across the entire enterprise to accurately identify patterns, find inconsistencies, and make informed predictions. A high-performance IT environment relies on complete situational awareness.

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Topics: Data Analytics, Technology Ecosystem, Business Analytics, Interoperability

Taking Advantage of Cloud Agility to Empower Change Agents in Government

By Brian Houston on Jun 14, 2016 2:59:02 PM

As-a-service (aaS) IT is a powerful force in helping government agencies optimize how they use data. Better use of data gives problem-solvers the resources they need to identify opportunities for improving how the agency operates and delivers services.

How can agencies use aaS IT to support these change agents in leading transformation?

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Topics: Federal IT, Cloud, Cloud Agility, aaS, Legacy Systems, Digital Transformation

What’s Government’s Role in Driving Smart City Development?

By Mike Tanner on Jun 3, 2016 5:00:00 PM

A 21st-century city should be prepared to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to produce data-driven benefits for its citizens. But to succeed, a city must be equipped with the right technologies in the right places. Of course, adopting and embedding these technologies throughout an entire infrastructure requires buy-in and technical capacity from many disparate parties, citywide. That’s no small challenge. Who takes the lead in making this collective adoption happen?

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Leveraging the Right Data Technology for a Safer, Smarter Society

By Christian Heiter on May 25, 2016 12:44:50 PM

In every sector, organizations are making more intelligent use of technology to deliver services and manage infrastructure more efficiently. In this data-driven move to create a safer, smarter society, they’re accruing a wealth of digital information on nearly every facet of civil life – from law enforcement and emergency response, to healthcare, critical infrastructure, transportation and energy.

As this social innovation unfolds, we’re producing data of unprecedented richness and scope, at rapidly growing volumes. We’re now faced with more information than we can process, which affects our ability to leverage it effectively. More than ever, we need efficient methods for collecting, storing, organizing, finding, accessing and analyzing data – the data that gives us the intelligence we need to make the informed, timely decisions vital to our communal quality of life.

A truly “smart” society knows how to optimize this abundance of data. So, what capabilities are most valuable to our digital transformation into a smart society?

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Topics: Social Innovation, Health IT, smart cities, Internet of Things, Health Care, Object Storage, Metadata, Metadata Management, Digital Transformation

IT Industry: Coping with MegaChange

By Harry Zimmer on Mar 16, 2016 10:07:14 AM

Change is a constant in the information technology industry. Companies rise and fall as the rapidly evolving business environment erodes their initial success. A new wave of change is sweeping the industry and all the markets that rely on it, such as the federal government. Driven by cloud computing and related technologies and services, these changes are upending old IT business models and setting the stage for new operating models. Canny public and private sector CIOs will need to be aware of what’s in store, and what is needed to survive in this new environment.

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What To Look For When Selecting All-Flash Storage Solutions

By Tim Moffitt on Mar 1, 2016 11:38:49 AM

While technology constantly evolves, all areas of technology don’t move forward at the same pace. Over the past three decades, we witnessed almost unbelievable increases in CPU performance and memory densities. Storage has been a different case, however. Although the storage industry has been able to deliver huge increases in disk drive capacity, it has not been able to provide an equivalent increase in disk drive performance.

Flash storage technology (based on non-volatile NAND chips) has been around for almost three decades and is now rapidly beginning to fill this storage performance gap, as the cost of the technology becomes more affordable. According to a prediction by IDC, from 2012 to the end of 2016, all-flash arrays (AFA) will see a compound annual growth rate of 58.5%. While this number applies to commercial enterprise spending, there’s no reason that federal agencies should be left behind.

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Top Considerations For Your Data Analytics Strategy

By Christian Heiter on Jan 25, 2016 3:36:10 PM

A better national government means finding improved ways to solve the nation’s challenges. Each agency, tasked with a different mission, must use its allocated budget in the most efficient way possible to have the biggest positive impact on our society. That could mean making more accurate predictions of disease pandemics at the CDC, improving the intelligence collection capabilities at the FBI or better analyzing the effects of global warming at the EPA.

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